Effective support of business challenges and crisis management

The word ’crisis’ in Chinese is made up of two signs:
the first stands for danger and the second symbolises opportunity.
This is our task – we identify threats
and set a new and better way forward.

Our offer

We support business challenges and crisis management through:
  • information acquisition and analysis
  • effective message delivery
  • communication strategies
  • comprehensive monitoring
  • building information security
  • public relations
  • public affairs
  • media relations
  • Internet: big data, www, social media, blogosphere
  • CSR


Stay calm – let us act.

Business challenge or a crisis situation?

Are you in a position where you can lose control of the situation? Not sure what the next move should be, who to trust, what to bet on?

The game is about the highest stakes – time, money, and your reputation.

Every subsequent step can be very expensive. You need professional help because you can’t let the losses continue.

Regardless of the industry, your business is constantly influenced by customers, competitors, media, politicians.

They all have powerful communication tools at their disposal. One moment you are on the wave, the next you can be deep under the surface.

Take advantage of the support of professionals who know how to navigate in an ocean of risks and opportunities.

We will help you to go through an image storm, strengthen your position or regain control.

Opt for effective professionals

For years, we have proved ourselves in many seemingly impossible situations.

Our advantage is the experience gained in the world of politics, in which crisis management and effective communication are daily bread and butter.

We are not afraid to start where others quit.

We advise entrepreneurs, politicians, companies, business organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

We specialize in crisis communication – from prevention to image restoration.

We offer tailor-made solutions, supporting our customers 24/7.

We act comprehensively, adopting a 360° optics in order to emerge victoriously from clashes in all fields – in the media, on the Internet, in relations with business, media, and social environment.

Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in business, media, NGOs, and the public sector.

Challenging circumstances, difficult opponents, and the need to make quick decisions are our natural habitat.

We are able to help

We prepare multidimensional action strategies – from diagnosis to implementation
We create event scenarios and recommend optimal actions
We indicate solutions in difficult and unexpected situations
We take care of presence or absence in the media
We monitor the media, including social media, and, if necessary, we take over communication
We identify potential crisis situations
We rebuild image after a crisis has been resolved
We help in the struggle with the competition
We support building relationships with individuals and organizations
We effectively lead through the meanders of political life
We ensure decision-making comfort