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27 April 2022

Bartłomiej Rajchert: A „here and now” strategy is no strategy at all. | Interia.pl

„Politicians and administration are there to serve society and entrepreneurs, this needs to be reiterated over and over again," assesses Bartłomiej Rajchert, CEO of GDS Grupa Doradztwa Strategicznego, a participant in the panel 'Polish Entrepreneurship on the Turn' at the European Economic Congress in Katowice.


„The question of perspective is important. Few people think beyond their own experience. Poland's strategy is a 'here and now' strategy, as the Prime Minister said at the EEC. We are incapable of planning together because we are incapable of cooperating, as research confirms. Poles are individualists and think in the short term - which is how the government operates – and in the face of global challenges, this is no strategy at all.”


We invite you to watch a conversation between Wojciech Szeląg, editor-in-chief, and Bartłomiej Rajchert on Interia.pl, held during the EEC 2022 in Katowice.


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