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Every project requires individual selection of experts, whose knowledge, skills and experience help our Clients face their crises and business challenges. Selected specialists are led by our leaders of advisory teams.


Take advantage of the support of professionals who know how to navigate the ocean of risks and opportunities.

We will help you go through the threats to your professional image, strengthen your position or regain control.

Bartłomiej Rajchert

CEO & Founder

Specializes in crisis communication management and building dialogue between business and public environment. Runs crisis communication and public affairs projects.

Stanisław Kostrzewski

Advisor on a Board

Economist, former vice president of BOS Bank. In the 1990s at the Supreme Audit Office (NIK) he worked closely with the then-president of NIK, Lech Kaczynski. The co-founder and longtime treasurer of PiS, with which he parted in 2014. He supports the Management Board of GDS and our Clients in the strategic analysis of risks and opportunities in relations with public administration entities, particularly in the area of finance and banking.

Emilia Klima

Managing Director

Has 15 years of experience in internal and external communications of companies and organisations, leader of project teams, responsible for relations with clients, media and business partners.

Marta Tumidalska

Strategy Director

Responsible for broadly understood communications. Journalist by profession, an economist, for several years she was a reporter and editor at the Polish Press Agency.

Mariusz Loch

Creative Director

He is in charge of creative strategy building processes and communication management. A seasoned journalist and PR expert, previously worked for the Polish Press Agency PAP and Orange Polska.  

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