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The power of good communication

For years we have proved ourselves in many seemingly impossible situations. Our advantage is the experience gained in the world of politics, in which crisis management and effective communication are daily bread and butter.

About us

How we operate

How we operate

Making it possible for taxpayers to reach agreements with the
One of our projects that ended with spectacular success was
24 April 2024
– Poland needs strategic thinking and planning, good ideas, flexible
01 February 2024
GDS Grupa Doradztwa Strategicznego, as a Strategic Partner, invites you

Who We are?

GDS Grupa Doradztwa Strategicznego (Strategic Advisory Group) is a consultancy firm specialising in fostering a dialogue between business and the public environment. Our strength is also crisis management through appropriate tailor-made communication.


Since 2014, we have completed more than 100 different projects, supporting our clients in the challenges they face in today's socio-political and economic reality. Our advantage is the experience gained in the world of politics, where crisis management and effective communication are a daily reality.


We advise entrepreneurs, companies, business organisations, and NGOs.


We create optimal scenarios for difficult, often unexpected situations. Well-prepared and executed communications determine success in the face of a challenge or crisis.



 Public Affairs 

 Public Relations 

 Media Relations 

 Legislative monitoring 

 Managing regulatory risk 



 Crisis Communication 

Ask for an offer tailored to your needs.

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GDS Grupa Doradztwa Strategicznego

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