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How we operate

12 July 2023
One of our projects that ended with spectacular success was our cooperation with Marketing Sp. J. from Gliwice. As a rule, we do not share our clients stories, but in this exceptional case, the owners of the company affected, Marketing, consented to show the ins and outs of our activities,
01 February 2024
GDS Grupa Doradztwa Strategicznego, as a Strategic Partner, invites you
27 January 2024
 In a commentary for the Interia Biznes portal, Bartłomiej Rajchert,
12 December 2023
Making it possible for taxpayers to reach agreements with the
11 November 2023
Bartłomiej Rajchert, CEO of GDS Grupa Doradztwa Strategicznego, spoke to
08 October 2023
Decision time and time of change coming up. On the
23 May 2023
– For businesses, administrative procedures are too slow, while the
30 April 2023
„Such a celebration of dialogue and cooperation as the European
26 April 2023
At the European Economic Congress in Katowice, the debate 'Business

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