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27 January 2024

Businesses want a change of attitude from politicians and administrators

 In a commentary for the Interia Biznes portal, Bartłomiej Rajchert, CEO of GDS, referred to the demands made by entrepreneurs in the report 'Foresight Wiejska 19. Postulates to the new government', which was initiated and prepared in cooperation with experts from various sectors.


- Entrepreneurs' demands show the need to change the public administration's attitude towards business and return to the path of partnership, the GDS CEO stressed.

- The problem is that politicians do not know the details of many issues, so they need to work closely with business and experts. The two sides must not fear each other, and a tough dialogue is better than no dialogue at all.


In the area of taxation, the experts call, among other things, for the introduction in the Administrative Procedure Code of binding deadlines for the processing of cases by the authorities, coupled with sanctions for exceeding these deadlines, as a means of combating the ubiquitous length of procedures. They also draw attention to the need to curb the abuse of 'temporary detentions' in business.


For more on the challenges facing entrepreneurs in Poland today, see the article 'In Poland, a company can still be destroyed in one day' on the Interia Biznes website.


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