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23 May 2023

Business, administration, politics - ASAP, too slow, too fast

For businesses, administrative procedures are too slow, while the actions of politicians are too fast. It is a question of speeding up some and slowing down others – says Bartłomiej Rajchert, CEO of GDS, in an interview with Bogdan Bugdalski during the European Economic Congress in Katowice.


In the complex world of various business processes, competition and time play a key role. And at this point, the administration is simply too slow. And it is not even a question of what the decision at hand will be, but rather that this decision or progress on a particular issue should be made quickly. That is the challenge. We try to build non-obvious scenarios and make what is slow happen faster, – said Bartłomiej Rajchert, dwelling on the role of consultancies such as GDS:


Whenever the time factor is essential, it is worth seeking the support of external consultants. On the other hand, when things are going well, it is worth paying attention to good PR in the context of ongoing projects. Media relations, crisis communications, public affairs or lobbying are also areas where strategic advice can help.


We encourage you to listen to the whole conversation on the Local Government Portal website: Portal Samorządowy





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