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26 April 2023

EEC 2023: Business and administration - the art of dialogue

At the European Economic Congress in Katowice, the debate 'Business and Administration - the Art of Dialogue', in which GDS was a partner, addressed communication between entrepreneurs, companies on the one hand, and administration and public authorities on the other. Issues such as the principles of transparent influence on legislation or the right to information and participation in the process of drafting laws and regulations that affect the business world were raised.

Bartłomiej Rajchert, CEO of GDS, highlighted the three essential pillars of cooperation between business and government:


First, a friendly attitude of politicians and administrators towards business, society and citizens – this is a prerequisite.

The second is the readability of and compliance with the rules of the game. This is a big problem. If we imagine a sports game in which the referee runs the game at his own discretion, according to an incomprehensible model, the players will leave the field, dispirited. This is also a game, and it should be played according to clear rules.

The third thing is full systemic transparency of regulatory processes. This would be a really significant, positive change in the way parliament and ministries work.


And as long as the above points are not reality, it's all about communication – individual, original action scenarios based on visionary approaches.


Bartłomiej Rajchert's speech is available below on our YouTube channel, and coverage of the debate can also be found on pulsHR.pl.


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